Bathroom Remodeling 101: Tile vs. Wall Surrounds

Bathroom Remodeling 101: Tile vs. Wall SurroundsBathroom remodeling projects are well known for three things: they offer a great return on your initial investment, they will increase the value of your home and they can cost you a fortune when you go overboard with tile choices. In many cases, the bathroom wall tile alone can cost more than the shower enclosure, bathtub fixtures and accessories cost all together. That’s because some tiles can cost a fortune in both the price of the materials and the additional labor it takes to install them. Check out these bathroom wall options and find out for yourself which bathroom material is best for your bathroom renovation or remodeling project.

Wall Surrounds

One of the best new bathroom remodeling options for shower enclosures and bathtubs, wall surrounds are solid sections of granite, acrylic or faux marble that custom fit to your existing bathroom walls perfectly. What sets these wall coverings apart from tile is that they are easy to install, are a fraction of tiles costs and are virtually maintenance free for the life of the product.

Bathroom Remodeling 101: Tile vs. Wall Surrounds


Conventional wall tiles can easily become damaged, requiring new grout, expensive replacements tiles or months of waiting for materials to show up. New wall surrounds are chip, scratch and break resistant, ensuring your new bathroom wall surrounds will outlast conventional tiles in the long run.

Throw in the fact that wall surrounds are easy to clean, can resist staining and the colors will remain bright and brilliant for years and you’ve got one of the best bathroom wall coverings for the best possible price. Call BathXperts today at 1-888-446-2284 or click here for a free estimate and see for yourself why wall surrounds are one of the best solutions for any bathroom remodeling project.

Wall Tiles

When ceramic, marble or other tile materials are used in a bathroom remodeling project, they can be installed a wide variety of ways. From subway style to large 8×10 patterns, you can bet that no matter what material you use for your tub walls, it’s going to become more labor intensive when tiles need to be staggered, trimmed or cut. By adding borders, bull nose or patterned tiles into the design and you could easily blow your bathroom remodeling budget right out of the water.

Bathroom Remodeling 101: Tile vs. Wall Surrounds


With a wall surround, you can eliminate the need for expensive bathroom contractors, tile installers and plumbers all together. Cut to fit right on the job site, these single paneled pieces come in every design option imaginable, so you can get the same styles, colors and design options that tile has to offer, without the high cost of labor and additional materials.

But what really sets tiles apart from wall surrounds is that you don’t need a clean substrate for the new tiles to adhere to. Simply install your new wall surround right over your existing tiles for a mess-free bathroom remodeling project. In most cases, wall surrounds can transform your existing tub or shower enclosure in less than one day. Compare that to a week or even month long tile installation project and you can easily see why wall surrounds are one of the leading methods for bathroom shower enclosure and tub remodeling projects.

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